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The rural property, Monica’s house, has been used over time, in the activity of livestock breeding and agriculture to the present day. In 2002, an Umbrian entrepreneur enamored of the place, the house and the prime location, near the Mount Subasio Park, wanted to transform it into a cozy farmhouse, to accommodate all those people who want to enjoy a period of quiet and pleasant ..

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For those wishing to dive into the cultural and religious richness, flavors, tradition, will find in our hotel the center of many excursions. Our host, will soon discover that you are in a strategic position, if you would discover and enjoy the art, culture, traditional cuisine, the religious testimony of the greatest saints of Umbria.

The hospitality is very much felt in the Umbrian people, although in Franciscan simplicity, you want to put at ease our guest, offering in our house all this, in nine nice apartments newly refurbished with the highest comfort.

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