The public swimming pool is available to our guests, unique structure of the Farm class Italian center where you will find a level equal to ours, with such low prices.

For each apartment they are reserved two beds.

Pool a sfioro:

this term for some incomprehensible can have a meaning or of little importance, in fact the term infinity pool indicates that the transships water continuously from the entire length of the edges of the bath and collected by gutter positioned along the perimeter of the tub.
This solution in addition to having an aesthetic effect maintaining the tub always full to the brim, visually ensures to our host that the continuous replacement of the water is carried out and that the pumping and filtration system is active.

This solution unlike other that they provide suction mouths on the bottom or on the sides of the tank allows to verify that the pumping and filtration system is in operation and do not therefore enables the temporary system shutdown to achieve energy savings at the expense of the hygienic safety.
In addition, the infinity system allows you to keep always clean the “water surface” quickly eliminating insects, dirt, leaves, etc.

A special circular pool area, visible in photographs, allows you to sit with friends and enjoy the whirlpool that is activated at set times.
The jets of water and air bubbles are calibrated for a beneficial, pleasurable relaxing effect.

The Solarium
For our guests who wish to take their first sun, away from the crowds of the beaches our side terrace the pool is the perfect place.
Besides the space around the pool is a green area on one side of the pool, to allow our guests to sunbathe in freedom.

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